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12 December 2005 @ 10:14 pm
Bodhisatyva Vow  
She walked down
six solemn flights,
fowled up
by her sense of solitude
from thirteen years
vowed in silence
sanctioned by a dear priest.

by terms endeared
from ear to ear,
spread heart-string to valve;
and pumps chants to the soul
in her mind
where pulse is born.

The stoops, steeped
in holograms and auras,
clipped into snowflakes
that fell
on her shoulders,
tattered her scarf,
and flipped the pages in her bible.

She crossed alley-to-alley
staring at the lightning reflected
in the pavement,
head forward
with the up-down
roads that slip into sidewalk,
that slip into canyons,
made from roots that crave sunlight.

Rivers that spanned from the church
that fell from the sky
one moonlit night,
and wove itself
in and around the pagan
city of her dress, in sanctity
of the soul-less of the soul-ed.
Current Music: Manitoba